Team:Manuel Veth, Chirac Shah, Derek Graham, Adrian Cumberbatch, Mike Myers, Tom White, John Scantlebury, Richard Fryer, Ditmir Sulemanji (Declan Dunning), Alex Tabram, Rob Blade (A Ababio).

Our performance at home last Saturday reflected our pre match attitude by many, turn up late, let getting the pitch prepared to the usual crew (nets and flags) and forget about putting in a shift once turning up. From the kick off, too many people were looking to the next man to take responsibility for winning tackles and passing the ball and generally putting themselves about. It was no surprise that we suffered our worst league defeat of the season based on the performance.

We did put together some decent offensive moves in the second half and put Crouch End under pressure. One corner was rewarded with a well taken goal from the head of Alex Tabram. 

Our hard fought victories over the past 5 months count for nothing at this stage of the season if we allow ourselves to slip down the table now. We started the day with a healthy goal difference of +6 and ended with -2. There are still teams in the bottom two who mathematically can overtake us. Last Saturday was a wake up call and a serious one. This week, we go away to Southgate Olympic and a vastly improved performance is required. That includes, turning up to the meet on time and giving your all to the AP Sixth xi once the shirt is pulled on and not looking to the next man to take responsibility all of the time.

We can easily pull out of this slump in form, I have no doubt that the quality is in the squad to do so. We just need to see it in action on the pitch.

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