Alexandra Park 5s 1 – Broomfield 4s 3

League | November 19, 2011

Chapter 11

Men’s football is not child’s play

With only Lewis missing and Murphy back in the squad AP 5s looked confident going into the game against the top of the table. On the small pitch again we knew it wouldn’t be a day of pretty football but we were determined to control the tempo and ball and that is what we did.

From the off we dominated, Tom White having a new lease of life in the middle pairing nicely with Jenkins and the back four snuffing out any attacks swiftly. Not too many chances were had but all the meaningful opportunities were ours.

The second half, unfortunately was all about the ref rather than the teams which is something you never want. The 16 year old, having been appointed late, had a good first half but cost us the game in the second.

5 minutes in Dodimead went in hard to win back the ball at the opposition’s corner flag. It wasn’t the best challenge but was not worthy of the heavy stamp their defender landed on his chest once he’d got up. Skipper waded over, slightly aggrieved and the ref tried to control the situation by just calling the players over. Despite the obvious bruising their player appealed that he was not guilty, Mr.Dodimead dutifully told him to ‘please leave as soon as possible as you are blatantly lying’. The ref decided, despite the oppo saying otherwise that Doddy’s invite to ‘leave quickly’ was directed at him and a straight red followed. Disbelief from AP and joy for Broomfields.

The striker they brought on at half time (good enough for our higher teams) was causing the defence issues so skipper tried to man mark him. AP continued to press, determined to prove their worth and went into the lead after 55 minutes, John Murphy lining up a free kick which curled and looped over the keepers head and into the goal.

The game stayed that was for most of the half, a little end to end, Broomfields gaining more possession with the numerical advantage. Ten minutes to go and the ball fell to their star forward at the edge of area. Skipper knew he had to stand off and not commit but did the opposite and a smart turn and shot brought the equalizer.

We still pushed and Marek, coming on to torment the oppo was hacked in their box, blatant penalty, everyone could hear it/see it/smell it/ taste it (well except the ref). If Marek had not stayed on his feet then I wonder what would have happened.

5 minutes left and a high cross from Broomfields was neatly being nodded back to the keeper by the skipper. Unfortunately no-one, not even the keeper, told him that Jason decided to come stand next to him and the ball looped over his head. It was going wide but the Broomfields man of the moment got there just in time to steer it home.

Two seconds left and we tried to get the ball back and conceded a penalty. By my own admission my behaviour to the ref was not acceptable at this point as I remonstrated about the difference between the two penalty scenarios. Never the less a 3-1 loss was hard on the lads who deserved the win. A week off to regroup and batter Norsemen next to prove our point.

MoM Tom White, turned around recent performances to show what he is capable of going forward and tracking back. Same again next time mate.

Team: – Smith, Burwell, Rae, Murphy, Kralik, Piner, White, Sulimajni, Dodimead, Firth, Jenkins, Hyde, Milligan

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