Old Actonians 9s 7 – Alexandra Park 7s 4 AET

AFA Junior Novets Cup (First Round) | October 29, 2011

Scorers: Bowhill, Tullet (3)

I don’t know why or if there is some sort of real draw for this cup competition but we ALWAYS end up playing against Actonians. A miserable trudge over to West London to always get their earlier than you thought to find the changing rooms locked, the pitch rock hard and the referee missing (moan, moan, moan – sorry, I have had a tough day). The oppo finally found some chap on the sidelines who volunteered to referee and we were off after only a 20 minute delay. All the hanging around must have effected our rather fragile collective psyche because before we had even realised where we were, we were 2 nil down. Two pretty bog standard lumps up field evaded our defenders and poor Manu in goal was left stranded.
After that we woke up a little and started to attack their back 4. After a number of missed chances, Richard Bowhill decided to take over the responsibility of getting into the box and after a great run, scored from an angle. We were back in the game and were dominating at last. After the restart we went back to sleep and were 3-1 down almost from the kick off. Then came Darren Tullet…..I was about to take him off (for no real reason apart from the fact I was feeling mean) but instead he metaphorically laughed in my face by scoring a quick double. I had cunningly moved Josh Hyde over to the right and he started destroying their left back. After a jinking run he put a great ball into the box and Tullet (almost) made no mistake. Virtually from the restart Tullet latched onto a long ball through the middle and slotted it past the keeper to equalise.

We were all over them at this point and Josh again down the right put in a great cross and Darren completed his hattrick to put us 4-3 up. In true 7s style, we thought this was a bit unfair on the oppo so allowed them a chance to score again and they rather gratefully obliged (even after we had given them and they had missed a soft penalty). Even though we created a number of chances, full time was up and ET began.

We again created a few chances but never took them and penalties (and pitch blackness) were looming. Then we were outdone by fate again….a ball into our box hit a bobble, bounced up and brushed Steve Causer’s arm and the ref was certain it was a pen (duly put away this time). It probably was a pen to be fair even though our resident FIFA rule book expert John Gallaway (after looking it up on his phone) assured us it was not and I think is still trying to get a tribunal together to have the game null and voided. This crushed us and they scored two very soft breakaway goals in the last minute.

Positives : Josh Hyde did enough running for all of us put together, Darren Tullet scored 3 great goals and we always created chances.

Negatives : We started both halves very sluggishly, we lost to a rubbish penalty.

It was agreed by all that if we continue this level of improvement match on match, we will be brilliant by the last game of the season.

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