Broomfield 5s 3 – Alexandra Park 5s 1

League | October 29, 2011

Chapter 8

AP 5s on this day…….There’s no I in teIam…

We got to Broomfields on another windy day knowing that they were a free scoring team but also had an equally leaky defence.  This is completely contrast to AP who have one of the tightest defences in the league but seemingly can’t hit a barn door (or create the chances to be able to aim at said barn door).

The game started at pace, the skipper again rewarding form by starting Wharton on the left with Rose up front and Ditmir on the right.  AP used the wings well but were losing the ball all to easily with sloppy passing on a small pitch that required ball retention.

AP were soon behind, a ball came all too easily from the wing to find their marauding centre midfielder appearing unmarked at the top of the area to lash home.  This was against the run of play and AP continued to win corners and throws in the final third but had no end product.  Half time 1-0.

AP came out the second half and continued to be the dominant team, one corner flicked on by the skipper landed at the feet of Ditmir who poked home through a crowd.  Unfortunately this is where the AP story end and the Broomfield counter attacking story started.  Lack of fitness in the midfield, lack of creativity in the opposition half and the inability to get the heads up and do the simple pass transpired to allow an extra man at the back post strike a beauty past Smith.  Then Piner saw a penalty given for his one clean tackle of the day.  Smith for the second time this year made a top draw save and kept the boys in it.

With nothing happening up top and continuous pressure coming back down at the defence the skipper decided to throw himself up front and the tiring Lewis into the back line.  Soon after, a peach of a volley by the Broomfields striker settled the affair.  Knowing that we have conceded 4 goals in the three “last ten” that the skipper has gone up front he won’t be trying it again.

MoM Jason Smith, would’ve been a lot more if it wasn’t for his shot stopping.

Team: Smith; Piner; Rae; Burwell; Myers; Wharton; White; Lewis; Sulimanji; Rose; Loughnane; Kralik; Krefting

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