Alexandra Park 5s 6 – Old Parkonians 6s 4

Friendly | August 20, 2011

Scorers: Doddimead (3), Kralek (2), Chovjka

First game in charge for the new skipper and a mix of 5s-8s and a full gaggle of Czechs to boot.

In true AP style nothing was simple, the ref pulled out, plus first game and I made two pretty stupid mistakes:

1) As we arrived and looked at the pristine Enfield pitches with the two sets of gleaming goal posts it dawned on me I’d only brought one net

2) Never rely on Czech time keeping, with Chvojka having the kit, posts etc in his van and arriving ten mins before kick off

To the match..

Their skipper agreed to ref the first half and I was due to ref the second (after a bit of ‘are you ¤”+@ing stupid’ for forgetting the net Tony Bent saved my bacon and reffed the second for us).

We started with a strong line up for a first preseason friendly. Back line Dudmesh, Burwell, Rae, Piner, midfield of Kennedy and Tullet on the wings, Will Lewis and debutant Eric in the middle and up front Chvojka and Matt  ‘I can play when Barnet are away’ Doddimead. With Gavin Johnson, Czech Jano and Marek coming in to support later on.
Last but not least was our keeper/sweeper MILAN…I have never seen a keeper afraid to stand near his goalline before!!

The game started poorly with communication non existent and within 5 mins we were 1 down. Heads went up though and by working down the wings and continuous movement we got back in the lead. Doddy and Chvojka pulled the old parks defence around all day and Chvojka set up two for his strike partner (yes he passed!!!!) With Doddy picking up his hat trick from a Lewis knock on. All 3 were well taken and, when he turns up, are good omens for his AP future.

Lewis was pulling the midfield strings with skill, ably supported by Eric and Gavin from the bench. Chvojka made it 4-1 by half time and AP dominated all over the park.

As skipper I mixed things up in the second half, Marek coming back from his stint in goal for the 4s to score a beaut straight from the off in the second half. Then the changes started taking effect, people in foreign positions were still learning their new trades and Old Parks took advantage of this, Milan’s desire to chase their players around the pitch and miscommunication, to knock in 3 conciliatory goals before Marek added his second.

Still, a 6-4 win in the first game when using half the match to try new positions is a good result.

MOMs are three fold- Tony Bent for turning up and doing his AP duty, the old parks captain for doing his ref’ing and Milan for being a good egg and his stirring job in goal – simply entertaining!

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