Scorers: Fullerton (2), Coughlan, Instance, Dillon

Alexandra Park 3s entertained the 3rd of Old Lyonians on Enfield Playing Fields.

AP started with a familiar back 5 with me (Michael Bardgett) in Goal, Tom Marshall at Right Back, John Murphy and Jonesy at centre back and Fevzi at left back.

Kurt was up top and to be honest as the game went on I was impressed with what I saw their however I am unable to say much in terms of name. I heard of Will (excellent on the ball), Dillon and Dietmar. It no disrespect to ones I don’t name, simple I didn’t know I was going to write this and I was just focusing on my own game.

We started with Bob at ref as the referee decided to turn up very late. It was lucky in a way as the 3rd time keeping with nets and getting changed was as prompt as never.

With the rain cascading down in Biblical manner we started well. I started as sweeper really as the through balls came gliding off the pitch.

Both full backs were given the opportunity to get forward. Tom even had a shot (ok, it was wide and badly hit but it was a shot).

We took a deserved lead with Kurt turning on a sixpence just left of the six yrd box and surprising the keeper on his front post.

Second half and a split idea of what happened. I thought we scored then they did but apparently they equalised. Anyway, we started a little slower after a few changes. About 10 minutes in a pin ball exchange was ended by Imraan diverting a ball past me.

Almost immediately we shot back with an excellent shot from Liam after it rebounded off the post.

The lead was extended soon after with Dillon executing a wonderful chip that left the keeper looking very embarrassed. He was off his line but I understood why due to the conditions that I had experience in the first half.

At 4-2 Old Lyonians didn’t give up. They came back and got one back. I tipped the ball on to the ball after a good strike. From the rebound Tom was out jumped as their striker beat him and got an unstoppable header past me. “I was in awe of the save, that’s why he beat me to the ball” Tom Marshall’s reason on getting beat by the striker in Jonesy’s car.

Kurt finished the scoring off with a defensive mix up and a tap in for the 3rd captain.

The game was good introduction for the new player and once they are mixed with the current crop it could be another good season for the 3s providing Bob helps us out with his Saturday players.

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