Goals; E. Brough, Rose

If it’s Saturday then it has got to be time to play ‘find a keeper’. With the Cat still sidelined with dodgy ribs (you would think that he would have a spare one) I bought in one of Elliott’s mates to play in goal.

So I now found myself not only in the position of having a recognised goalie but also 14 players, what could go wrong. All we needed was for the oppo to turn up so we waited and we waited, 2pm came and went and when we had virtually given up they finally arrived. £ had decided to wait until they had turned up before getting changed , needless to say that he missed the start of the first half and we started with Derek up front with Rose.

We looked a very solid unit and had the better of the first 10 minutes. Brough, the younger and slightly thinner version took a corner which curled into the near post to put us 1 nil up (did anyone actually believe that the elder version had scored?). Matt Wilson was causing all sorts of problems with his fine dribbling skills and passing and a great through ball saw Rose finally convert a chance to make it 2 nil.

At half time Sterling came on and immediately was creating chance after chance but we just couldn’t get a third due to some inspired shot stopping by the Old Owen’s goalie. Piner, who had dominated the midfield, then got cramp and had to go off. We continued to play some very attractive football but after we failed to convert the 10th chance I gave up counting. Brough the younger then under hit a pass back to his mate (now ex mate ) in goal and they were back in the game.

This gave them a new air of confidence and the game was now really end to end. Brough the younger was then rinsed by the winger (not got his dad’s pace) and in an attempt to do I do not know what pushed him over in the area. He obviously pleaded his innocence but the penalty was converted and somehow we only took a point from this game when it seemed that we would run out easy winners. Chances have to be taken and if someone is in a better position to score then pass the ball to them. Despite the errors Brough the younger had an excellent game and I think benefitted from Burwell pointing out to him where he had gone wrong.

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