Quote:     Aut viam inveniam aut faciam. 

I will either find a way, or make one. (Hannibal) 

Our difficult period continues but we are not broken and we will endeavour to fight and battle.

 First and foremost I would like to say our best wishes goes out to Richie Hancock who was injured during the game against Norseman, and had to be taken to hospital for several nasty cuts to his eye and a damaged ankle, towards the end of the first half.

Richie was a rock in the centre of the park and was a massive influence in keeping the Norseman team at bay in that period.

I must apologise for not keeping a track on the game to record goal scenarios my mind was else where and not the Arsenal Tottenham game either!

We conceded our first goal after Richie was taken off and waiting for the ambulance to arrive and also Will Irvine received a bloody nose and had to come off for treatment.

Two other players were to be injured in that game one due to an elbow that the referee did not pick up the result of which was there to be seen by all.

I believe the injury not only took up time and attention but seriously rocked the team; however we needed to be strong and focused against this Norseman team.

The game was a reverse of last week where we competed for the first half but did not manage to maintain the same kind of pressure in the second, individual errors cost us and we eventually went on to lose 4-0. The score line in fact could have been worse had it not been for Chris Simpson’s heroic efforts in goal.

As a team we are unhappy with our recent form and results especially as we started the pre season so well, we also know we have to up it for every single game that we play, we know it will be an uphill task but again as I keep saying my faith is in the squad and players picked.

As manager I know I bear the brunt in terms of results and the team that is picked and I know they will be many questioning the decisions that are made I totally accept that and say that every team that goes out to play for the 1st are good enough, self belief and confidence is an important factor as well as fitness and ability

We will turn our season around as I know those players involved have the courage and determination to do so.

I want to thank those of you who have said encouraging words and advice to me and the first team players, Tony, John, Dave, Martin (big thank you to Martin for the word in my ear at the club on Saturday and also for the Quote at the head) it’s a good sign that we have a strong team ethos at the club.

MOM: Chris Simpson

 If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. 


On a last note Richie has ask for these photos to be put up, now if you are adverse to blood and gore look away…

The fallen…

The Risen

The Rescued

Get well soon.

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