Alexander Park 3 – Broomfield 3

Friendly | August 27, 2010

Julian, Dash, Richard

Saturday saw the second pre game of the season for the 1st team against an established division one Broomfield team. The match took place on the much loved Donkey lane pitches, in fact the pitch was not too bad considering. The game saw the return to action of 1st team captain Janno and first team regulars Jason and Sly.

The team consisted of a make shift defence with no recognised centre backs. However new young player Louis Cain has been showing his quality in the centre back position and is striving to cement a place there this season.

We realise this was going to be a very difficult match, but there was a quiet confidence to the team and a self belief. The game started as a very tight affair for the first 12 minutes with both teams probing each others defences.

18 minutes into the game AP produced a good attacking move with the ball moving from left to right through Jason Smith then onto Richard Hancock who produced a super ball to Charlie O’Donnell, unfortunately that move  was broken down by the defence.

Within a minute Dash applied pressure to one of the centre backs whom quiet frankly did not look comfortable with the ball at his feet, the defender panicked Dash tackled and the ball fell to Julian who slotted the ball left footed home for a debut goal.

Julian whom is new to the club played as an advanced forward with Dash as support had been playing really well and deserved the goal as he ran and worked tirelessly.

AP started to apply pressure more consistently now and that pressure paid of when Richard who was perpetual motion in the centre of the park won the ball and played a lovely ball through to Julian who in turn knocked a square ball to Dash to put away for AP’s second goal.

Just before half time Broomfield got themselves back into the game as AP switched off. At half time the team agreed we needed to keep the pressure up and again the pre season training paid off as everyone recognised we were playing at a much higher tempo in both pre season games.

AP came out blazing in the second half and 5 minutes in we caught Broomfield napping with new player Charlie O’Donnell moving down the right flank playing the ball to Jason who played a perfect ball across into the box for Richard to take a touch and smash home, it was a beautiful move by the team.

However 8 minutes later Broomfield scored which was a bit disappointing as I though we were playing well and somehow got caught through lack of concentration.
The matched then ebbed and flowed one way then the other both teams looked tired but still pushed to score.

10 minutes on the clock left and Broomfield equalised much to our disappointment as we were unable to clear our lines effectively that led to their chance which they took.

A 3-3 draw against a well established division 1 team we will take, however with a complete defence who knows what could have been.
I am pleased with the progress the team and certain individuals are making and I believe every game has seen an improvement; we do have a long way to go as yet with a few tweaks as such to the team, and the type and style of football we want and need to play to be a success in our new division.

We have another game this Saturday against Old Wilsonians and are looking to see more improvement.

Man of the match was a difficult choice and I believe our two central midfielders of Richard Hancock and Jason Smith were outstanding in the centre of the park and were often out numbered but still manage to dictate and dominate play, I have decided to award it to them both.

Team: M. Smith, W. Irvine, L. Cain, P. Jannece, L. Manu, R .Hancock, O. Gunes, D. Mason, C. O’Donnell, S. Connibert, Julian, J. Smith

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