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20/09/2011 | Alexandra Park FC

Name: Joe Robinson
Born (year/place): 1986/Billingham – Stockton-On-Tees
Joined AP: 2009
Team/position: 5’s (at the moment)/Centre Half (at the moment)
I support… Being from the North East, I’m obviously a Man United fan….
How did last season go… For me? Not well. An Achilles injury (which contrary to popular opinion was actual injury) sustained while playing in a pre-season friendly for the 5s both ruined the first half of my season and has seemingly ended my career as a centre midfielder. Following a lay off, I returned to action for the 7s in January as a centre half and have not been allowed to return to my previously favoured position since. Played my last half a dozen games of the season for the 6s, a team that was in the midst of a period of great positivity, following a remarkable post-Christmas turnaround in fortunes under the captaincy of Mike Myers – which was nice.
Hopes for this season…
  1. To stay injury free.
  2. Start the season well for the 5s and attempt build a reputation as an effective, ball-playing centre half (effectively be the Ferdinand to Burwell’s Vidic)
  3. In my role as Social Secretary, organize some quality AP social events.
Best AP moment? Worryingly I can’t think of too many good ones on the field.
AP Teamates…
Most skilful? Matt Piner: he might appear to be constantly miss-controlling the ball – but what he’s really doing is lulling opposition players into 50/50 challenges where he can lunge in, injure them (and sometimes himself) and effectively nullify their effectiveness for the rest of the game.
Hardest? Andy Burwell: if only because I can imagine that opposition players must be literally petrified when they notice that massive frame charging towards them.
Fittest? James Rae/Matt Piner
Biggest moaner? Jon Gallaway
Opposition . . . .
Team you love to beat? EBOGs – because it has usually meant that I’m not playing for the worst team in the league.
Team you hate to play? Any team that isn’t EBOGs or another AP club.
Best AFA ground played at? None have been particularly memorable. I haven’t yet had the privilege to play away at either HSBC or Polytechnic unfortunately.
Worst AFA ground played at? Albert Road
Who are your Favourite AP players? Four: James Rae (great engine and versatility), Mike Myers (very solid at left back and good captain), Laurent Caudebec (never write him off), Alex Jeater (just generally an exceptional human being)
Favourite movie? The Pianist
Favourite record? Radiohead: Kid A
Favourite holiday destination? Koh Tao (Thailand) is probably the nicest place I’ve ever visited
If I was in charge of AP I would… Drop Dan Jones to the 8s.
When I’m not at the Racecourse I… Identifying, and then writing reports on, consumer trends in consumer packaged goods (is somehow even more boring than it sounds).

Following my move to the same company as him, then moving into a house down the road from his, followed by joining the same gym and football club as him, I spend a high proportion of my time trying to decide which aspect of Matt Piner’s life to next copy.

Something interesting you don’t know about me There’s nothing about me personally that’s interesting enough to put into this box. However a mildly interesting fact about one of my family members: my dad was a professional footballer (I’m sure anyone who has seen me play will have been wondering where all my natural talent has come from). Another interesting fact about him: last year he was in a pub in Peterborough and threw famous TV dwarf Warwick Davies over a table (not in an aggressive manner apparently). Alas, I just hope that since Warwick Davies’ upcoming comedy series with Ricky Gervais is probably going to be at least semi-autobiographical, there’s no episode where a drunk 6ft 5 ginger man throws him over a table…

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