Player Profile – Duncan Anderson

18/07/2011 | Alexandra Park FC

Name: Duncan Anderson
Born (year/place): Long long ago in a place not far away…..1970 Walthamstow
Joined AP: 1986
Team/position: 3s- centre half/centre forward/ fullback/ goalkeeper and substitute!
I support… Gunner till I die…….which is about 4.30pm most Saturdays.
The season so far… A right good laugh
The rest of the season… A right good laugh, capped by promotion I hope.
Best AP moment? Walking out of Kings college hospital this season with a full set of teeth, unbroken nose and vision out of both eyes! And generally maintaining my Brad Pitt looks.

Playing with the late great Brian Edwards snr and my old man, heroes from APs past.

AP Teamates…
Most skilful? Current-Daniel Wilding and Ben Carter, Me of course

From the past- Mickey Sanger, Frankie Mannion, Des Edwards

Hardest? Current- Old man Jonesy, Me of course

From the past- Freddie Pitts, Steve Slater,

Fittest? Current- Jed Wood, Myself of course

From the past- Andy Compton

Biggest moaner? Current- Definitely not me! No one their all very gentlemanly.

From the past- God there’s so many, but here’s a few Craig Chamberlain, Mick Artemiou, John Morris, Mark Burns

Opposition . . . .
Best AFA ground played at? HSBC
Who is your Favourite AP player? So many again- Brian Edwards, Adrian Cumberbatch, Kurt Hedgeley, Clive Sutcliffe,
Favourite movie? The Quiet Man- Best fight in Hollywood history
Favourite record? Born to run- more like born to hobble these days!
Favourite holiday destination? Scotland
If I was in charge of AP I would… I would get cheerleaders for every home game(female ones)
When I’m not at the Racecourse I… Am mostly working my nuts off.
Something interesting you don’t know about me We’ve sat here for ten minutes and couldn’t think of anything that didn’t humiliate me.

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