Player Profile – Bryan King

19/07/2011 | Alexandra Park FC

Name: Bryan King
Born (year/place): 1945 Berkhamsted, Herts
Joined AP: Football 1965/66 Cricket 1959
Team/position: Guardian of the timbers (5s, 6s, 7s, 8s)
I support… Spurs and Barnet
The season so far… Fantastic- still alive and still playing
The rest of the season… Even better, assuming the above!
Best AP moment? Skippering the 1s at centre half against Old Lyonians (1976 I think) at home; being upset at the side missing chance after chance for 89 minutes then, in a fit of pique, going on two forward forays in the final minute and scoring twice to win the match 2-1. Then shouting to the forwards, “That’s how you f…ing do it!”
AP Teamates…
Most skilful? Mick Basing (from the past)
Hardest? Dave Bassett (ditto)
Fittest? Don Manley 30 years ago. He would train daily, then regularly pull a muscle during the pre-match warm up.
Biggest moaner? Me at my worst
Who is your Favourite AP player? John Stanners (all-time favourite)
Opposition . . . .
Team you hate to play? Just playing any team is a joy – honest!
Best AFA ground played at? Bank of England
Favourite movie? Clockwise
Favourite record? I still dream” – Richard Thompson
Favourite holiday destination? UK – Isle of Wight

Rest of world – Barbados during a test match

If I was in charge of AP I would… Hey, maybe I am in charge already (presidential powers at least), so … wait and see!
When I’m not at the Racecourse I… . . . pine to be at the Racecourse
Something interesting you don’t know about me Played on the same bill as Eric Clapton in the nineteen sixties.

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