Player Profile – Anthony Fabb

19/07/2011 | Alexandra Park FC

Name: Anthony “Nostradamus” Fabb
Born (year/place): 1979, Orsett, Essex
Joined AP: 2007
Team/position: Fullback, hankering for the holding midfield position.
I support… The Shrimpers – Southend United FC
The season so far… Didn’t concede a goal in 3rd team, returned to 2s and we started winning (direct correlation methinks), called up to 1st team, then….East European stag do and dropped to 2nd team – I seem to be a very volatile stock.
The rest of the season… Ill probably have a hand in, hopefully, a 3rd team league title, 1st team survival and 2nd team promotion.
Best AP moment?
  1. My one goal in four seasons at home to IBIS on November 5th 2008 and gleefully re-enacting goal that night after AP fireworks night.
  2. ID3 league title last year with SAL record points low.
  3. Beating Norsemen 2s in AFA cup this year on penners.
  4. Losing but thankfully re-finding 40 year old ID3 SAL league trophy after it was nicked in the pub.
AP Teamates…
Most skilful? Sam Morris – gravy

Elion also has bags of skill – just think how good he’d be if he passed the ball instead of shooting from 30 yards.

Hardest? Toughest tackler and best in the air at the club? Martin Egan (he aint hard)
Fittest? Stephen Glynn has a fantastic engine (powered by roll ups)
Biggest moaner? Cant vote for myself, the undisputed moany king of AP. So, tough call:- Apoplectic skipper Dave Mac, Simmo is prone to bouts of red rage; Dan Hunt and Elion also like a good whinge.
Opposition . . . .
Team you love to beat? Anyone in the top two – doesn’t happen enough.
Team you hate to play? Old Parkonians – W0 D0 L9

Any team Ive played in Essex – W0 D0 L6

Best AFA ground played at? HSBC
Who is your Favourite AP player? Dan Hunt is formidable – I’ve seen him score some corkers and he’s easily the best up front in the air and with his back to goal at the club.
Favourite movies? Happy Gilmore, Groundhog Day, Clockwork Orange
Favourite album? Strange Days – The Doors
Favourite holiday destination? The slopes for skiing and après-ski
If I was in charge of AP I would… Resurrect dartboards, install pool table, spruce up the clubhouse, get rid of the ghastly electric blue walls, buy comfy sofas, install soft lighting, remove Richard Gibbs’ 100 club racket, up Serge’s meal budget, re-position screen, buy a pitch roller, move the hill away from the pitches to help drainage, put Guinness on tap, place a sign above the doorway into the clubhouse and sack me as fixtures secretary.
When I’m not at the Racecourse I… I arrange fixtures for the club, mug!
Something interesting you don’t know about me I’m a Qualified Accountant who is crap at accounting, I was 10th best gymnast in Great Britain in my yoot, I have a mole on the back of my right eye ball and was once in a lift with Martine McCutcheon after Sound in Leicester Square – I froze.

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